Quantum Holography. Neato. 11:58:55 AM
Lamo strikes again: WorldCom. The helpful hacker loves port 80 [The Register] 11:42:05 AM
WBUR: Al Jazeera headlines in English. “We do not verify the accuracy of these stories; this is merely what Al Jazeera is reporting; reports updated approximately 8PM.” 8pm what? 11:28:01 AM
Charles Leadbeater: “Participation websites will be part of the next stage of the internet’s evolution. Destination websites are in danger of becoming the seaside piers of the information age: vast, beautiful and elaborate constructions, condemned to a brief life.” I started off thinking this must be rubbish, but there is a good point in there: remember that communication is what has driven the use of the internet, not just content. 11:26:07 AM
NY Times: Interface Design Is Trickier Than It Seems. In 10 minutes, Phil had talked me into designing a horror of an interface, something that nobody would ever understand or use. He also gave me a lesson in the difficulty of good interface design that I’d never forget — and a lasting respect for the people who know how to do it right. [Tomalak’s Realm] 11:22:44 AM
BBC News: Quality leap for e-paper developers. This five-centimetre-square electronic display represents a leap in quality and brings affordable electronic paper a step closer, say its developers, Philips Research. The tiny display uses active matrix technology, the kind used in good quality laptop computer displays. [Tomalak’s Realm] 11:21:02 AM
The Event-Driven Internet. 11:15:19 AM
The Guardian: How to stay above the rest. For the past year, British Telecom has been offering consumers broadband net access using ADSL, with a download speed of 512 kbps – enough to smoothly download music and play games online. By the end of next year, it expects to offer Very high bit-rate DSL with download speeds of up to 14 megabits per second… I want, I want. Too poor.. 11:10:53 AM
Here’s a tool for Microsoft Outlook that lets you strip all HTML emails coming in and turn them to plain text. Useful for making sure that spam-style marketing emails can’t track you. Useful, but I like the preview pane too much. Bye bye privacy. 10:43:29 AM
ZDnet-Dvorak: Will MS use anti-virus as a .Net trojan-horse?. Makes sense. 10:40:50 AM