GooJa Gush-Shalom: Devastating, don’t-miss analysis of Sharon’s recent strategy [Robot Wisdom] 3:26:08 PM

Taking Curl for a Whirl. Some of the best minds at MIT, including Tim Berners-Lee, are working on a new Web-building technology called Curl. This finally explains something more about what it does and why it’s useful. It is basically Java applets but leaner and therefore better? 3:18:20 PM

How To Make Software Projects Fail. Bad links to a Joel interview. 10:45:05 AM

Editors: Xopus and Lime. Xopus is a generic in-browser XML editor that takes any combination of XML, Schema (XSD) and XSL and makes it directly editable. It works in any XML/XSL-enabled browser. Lime (Less Is More Editor) makes web page content directly editable. Edit text properties in a way similar to Microsoft Word. Very clever, but still not as good as Word. 10:23:00 AM