Brent has some problems with Jakob Nielsen’s site. Agreed. 5:16:25 PM

The Economist. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The idea revolves around the belief that it is possible to hire a specialist firm to handle specific business processes better than an internally run department can (e.g. HR). Recent experience shows that this can save 20-50% of the costs of managing an internal department to do the same thing. While this isn’t new, the arrival of pure plays that focus on specific processes is. Further, it’s clear that these pure plays are using computer automation more effectively than their client companies to cut costs. [jrobb] 5:08:14 PM

Wired. Prepare for the .Nano bubble. VCs are on the prowl for the next big thing. But “we have a lot of nanoscience, but almost no nanotechnology”. 4:57:25 PM

New Scientist. Gene doping of Olympic athletes expected in 2008. Individual Augmentation (IA) will be unstoppable once it gets going. 4:55:28 PM

Aug2000 Harper’s 10pg-don’t-miss: Thrilling Renata-Adler defense against NYTimes smear wrt Judge Sirica [Robot Wisdom] 4:51:40 PM

CG Idols – Human Not Required. The IDG article references Terai. Very Japanese-only at present. 3:48:32 PM

Online version of the Economist style guide. Used to be my bible. 3:34:43 PM

A useful set of utilities. I won’t be replacing V and UltraEdit just yet. 11:34:45 AM

So WinXP holds on to 20% of your bandwidth by default. Not such good news for home users… 11:23:38 AM

ZDnet: Fascinating rethink of the wireless-bandwidth paradigm [Robot Wisdom] 11:18:35 AM