Book Excerpt: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide. JavaScript from A to Z, including a full language reference and syntax tutorials. The excerpt discusses the W3C’s Document Object Model, how it is applied to HTML documents, and browser specific implications. 6:18:56 PM

Web Designers Should Stop Searching. Web-site designers should understand their users’ way of thinking, introduce them to content they didn’t know they were looking for, and–most of all–keep them from using the search function. Given that people misunderstand search, and don’t often use it, this is probably fair. 1:27:27 PM

Google may let surfers rank search results. Two weeks ago, Google began quietly testing a Web page voting system that, for the first time on a large scale, could eventually let Web surfers help determine the popularity of sites ranked by the company’s search engine. Interesting – looks like Google could become a significant portal before too long. 1:25:46 PM

Chomsky says: USA more fundamentalist than Iran; Globalisation is Western-elite’s conspiracy. 1:22:22 PM

“Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens” by Patricia Lynne Duffy. For people with synesthesia, letters, words and numbers have their own colors, and you can smell the shape of milk. Possibly worth a read – it’s an interesting condition. 1:17:38 PM

Building a Better Webserver Good article on how to improve performance. 1:05:51 PM

Routes of Least Surveillance. New York privacy activists have made an online map that allows Manhattanites to traverse the city without being spotted by security cameras. Get used to being seen wherever you are… 12:34:35 PM

Firewall-1 FAQ. Very useful: I think I might have nearly sorted out my VPN problems. 10:02:34 AM

Great set of Visio templates for designing user journeys. And some simpler ones.

NB I got these links from the IAWiki. 9:13:21 AM

Great paper on banner blindness. Essentially, we focus less on banners when we are searching for something than when we are aimlessly browsing. 9:03:29 AM