Pure class: one-armed drunk man arrested breaking red light while on his mobile phone. Think about it. 2:01:38 PM
Inside an al-Quaeda terrorist camp. 1:57:52 PM
Light article about which is the most-visisted web site. 1:50:16 PM
Darwin on business. Well sort of, anyway. 1:44:46 PM
Why Copyright Laws Hurt Culture. Lessig and Barlow on the immense hole in our cultural record left by copyright. 140 years of hole, in some cases. 1:17:30 PM
US assumes global cyber-police authority. You knew it was only a matter of time [The Register] 1:14:02 PM
Firebird. Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL-92 features that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. Firebird offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers. It has been used in production systems, under a variety of names since 1981. Firebird is an opensource community development effort based originally on the code sources of InterBase(r). [frogware weblog] 9:03:30 AM
Behind the scenes: Metal Gear Solid 2 [Slashdot] 8:59:45 AM
Dave finds the final link on why the DoJ summarily settled the Microsoft anti-trust case. Here is the government program (that Ashcroft is sponsoring) that will insert spyware on our computers. In order to make this program work, the DoJ needs Microsoft’s suppport. Only Microsoft has the power to automatically insert spyware on millions of computers.

[John Robb’s Radio Weblog (was http://jrobb.userland.com/index.html)] 8:54:30 AM

First Direct online banking locks out WinXP with Sun Java. Wrong kind of Java standard, apparently… [The Register] 8:51:59 AM
WinXP Diaries – the final conflict?. The Register. Also look at TweakXP.com. 8:49:44 AM
Google, others dig deep–maybe too deep. Search engines rummaging the Internet for interesting Web pages are increasingly stumbling upon passwords, credit card numbers, classified documents and even computer vulnerabilities. [CNET News.com] 8:42:41 AM
eBay readies print catalog for U.S. papers. The online auction company will send out 23 million glossy inserts with U.S. newspapers this weekend in a move to lure holiday shoppers online. [CNET News.com] 8:41:56 AM
John Robb: Decentralized Teams and K-Logs. [Scripting News] 8:41:02 AM
News.Com: “With Google’s new file-type search tool, a wide array of files formerly overlooked by basic search engine queries are now just a few clicks from the average surfer — or the novice hacker.” Demo. [Scripting News] 8:39:14 AM
The Weekly Standard: “Anyone with an average IQ and an Internet connection can perform the kind of legal research necessary to reach a minimally creditable judgment about the constitutional character of the Bush administration’s anti-terrorism campaign. But a job like this takes more time and mental effort than most of us prefer to expend. So we have come to depend on professional journalists and politicians to do the bulk of it for us. Which is fine — as long as they’re actually doing it.” 8:38:45 AM
The Chronicle of Higher Education: New Company Besieges Colleges With Notices About Copyright Violations. The future, I guess. As you play that ripped off MP3, your fax spits out a legal notice. 8:36:49 AM
Hydrogen Micro Turbine Only 4mm In Diameter [Slashdot] 8:31:54 AM
Can Club Nokia thwart .NET?. Nokia catches Portalitis [The Register] 8:29:32 AM
Jakob Nielsen has some useful intranet designs. [Scobleizer] 8:29:19 AM
Bob Cerelli has some useful Windows XP tips. [Scobleizer] 8:28:59 AM
Tom Peters has some interesting rules for running a business in a recession. [Scobleizer (was http://scobleizer.ManilaSites.Com/)] 8:23:50 AM
Scoble on how you can tell if your intranet sucks. 8:20:44 AM