Behind the scenes at 6:30:34 PM

Why is it that people write URLs assuming they’re only going to have one of a certain type of article / section, etc? Here’s MojoFat’s only tutorial on functional specs. In fact, their only tutorial ever! 5:27:53 PM

Interesting question as to how well we can spot reality. 5:22:47 PM

How to design for ROI and usability. 5:17:22 PM

On-demand individual surveilance and the concept of sousveilance (us watching officials in office) are set to hit the stage. 4:51:46 PM

The Internet Under Siege. Lawrence Lessig. Old ways of thinking are reasserting themselves within the United States to modify this design. Changes to the Internet’s original core will in turn threaten the network’s potential everywhere–staunching the opportunity for innovation and creativity. [Tomalak’s Realm] 2:54:09 PM

What constitutes “fair use”? Marc Canter. “I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve spent a lot of money on them over the years, and as far as I understand the battles over copyright law, the one thing consumers have is their right to “use” their purchase of someone’s copyrighted materials “in a fair way.” [Tomalak’s Realm] 2:53:41 PM

SVG: The Art is in the Code. The ability to describe images using an XML-based syntax provides multiple advantages to Web developers. Read on to discover the basic elements of the W3C’s Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) recommendation, including its support for shapes, filters, and gradients. 2:53:11 PM

Content Management and Distributed File Systems. [Hack the Planet] 2:52:47 PM

Web Review: The Return of Micropayments. Despite the potential benefits, there is a debate about whether micropayments are feasible. Whereas prominent figures like Jakob Nielsen and Nicholas Negroponte point out the potential in micropayments, others argue that consumers don’t want them. 2:52:10 PM

“Here are a couple of things to turn off in your Microsoft media player on XP. Select tools > options: 1) uncheck “allow Internet sites to uniquely identify your player” and 2) “acquire licenses automatically” Thanks jrobb 2:51:43 PM

new Progressive: Fine, relaxed month-old interview with Robert Fisk. 2:50:21 PM Wouldn’t this be a twist: What if the settlement Microsoft is proposing for the private class action suit be that it spend ~$1.1 b on new Macs for classrooms? That would be 250 k new machines and the rest in training. California should make that the key to its acceptance of the settlement. 2:49:11 PM

Time inventions of the year. We could definitely do with some of these… 2:48:18 PM

Good article on PayPaland why it works well. 2:34:25 PM

Over 50% of internet users surveyed dislike pop-ups and banner ads. This seems both high and low, somehow. High in that it suggests that significantly more than 50% of people met pop-ups while purchasing; I don’t see this many. It also seems low in that people (save marketing types) universally dislike the pop-ups, as far as I can tell. 12:51:02 PM