Some strange numbers, but around 75% of surfers regularly abandon shopping carts. The numbers are massively overlapping, but the high cost of shipping is a factor for many. 2:57:59 PM

Half of internet users asked to pay for a previously free site Twenty things you didn’t know about Windows XP. Well I knew a lot of them, and some are not unique to WinXP (e.g. network activity task bar lights). 11:57:32 AM

The Case for Personal Web Publishing. “A smart company wants to have an employee who’s immersed in the rest of the world. The worst thing you can have from the point of view of the management of a company is people who are basically churning your dollars on their own political infighting or whatever’s going on inside your culture — they’re not making you any money by doing that.” 11:48:37 AM

A Cryptanalysis of the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection System. “Whoever designed HDCP should be forced to write ‘I will not use non-peer-reviewed crypto’ on the blackboard 100 times.” 11:41:37 AM

Some slightly wacky tutorials for Radio&Manila. 11:38:11 AM

Paying for content “It’s surprising how many executives don’t understand the economics of their own businesses. Earlier this year, the publisher of a large, successful magazine told me he can’t wait to “charge for information the way God intended” now that giving away content in exchange for advertising dollars has failed.” 11:29:15 AM

John Robb sticks his neck out. “I hope I am wrong. If I am not, you heard it here first.” The markets are back up on sentiment, not reality. We could be headed for a serious downturn. 11:17:02 AM

Can You Really Just Forget?. The message: encrypt everything using public key cryptography. You can then claim that any encrypted files you have are encrypted with someone else’s public key, and that you can’t decrypt them. No need to disclose passwords, etc. 11:15:57 AM