Good piece if continentally-philosophical, dealing with the fact that hyperlinks are essentially horizontal. 5:27:39 PM

New Nokia Phone. I have gadget envy. 4:20:27 PM

UkG bk rev: New anti-NAFTA book uses example of Swingline staplers. More No Logo examples. Nasty. 4:13:23 PM

C# From A Java Developer’s Perspective. Long, long article, but interesting. 3:48:49 PM

The tech boom: Valuation inflation. Everyone agrees that the 1990s technology boom was a bubble. But two years ago, that would have been unusually hard to predict. 3:48:15 PM

Hey, remember when I said that ClearType is one of the coolest things about Windows XP? Well, that’s true, but now you can add the same feature to Linux. Justin Mason wrote up this guide on how to do it. Very cool! Getting seriously close to being an option for home use, if only it ran games properly. Hmmm WINE? 3:47:56 PM

Techreview. More on the death of the desktop, and still nothing that quite feels right. Don’t get me wrong: I like the timecard type approach, but if you work in/on ten applications and twenty different projects a day, the complexity rapidly becomes too high, unless your projects are only one-two days long. 3:46:01 PM

Lighthouse: Of Google, Amazon and Weblogs: reputation management evolves . Yahoo, LookSmart and others used paid editors to build lists of the Web’s best sites. But that model could’t deliver quality and still remain economically viable. Reputation management is one of the best internet “good ideas”, especially when done transparently (as on Google, or directly (as on eBay). 3:45:10 PM

Microsoft and the government get cozy. Frightenting thoughts from jrobb about what might happen now MS appears to have FUD operating at the level of the US Federal Government. 3:42:21 PM

Online ads take a cue from TV. The New York Times launches an online ad format that follows readers from page to page, drawing comparisons with broadcast formats that charge advertisers by the minute. Interesting, ut still going to be annoying. 3:40:13 PM

Professional XML Web Services: Data. To properly read your SOAP messages, Web processes must understand what types of information you’ve included within them. All too complicated. Use XML-RPC for preference… 3:39:20 PM

Terrorists and Reporters Dumber than Rocks., of all places, scooped the story, but it was later picked up by the Village Voice and then the New York Times. Those scary “nuclear secrets” found in the rubble of Kabul and waved before the camera by BBC reporter John Simpson were actually a parody written for the Journal of Irreproducible Results. Class 3:38:42 PM