12 website design decisions you’ll have to make. 4:14:28 PM

Useful article about how people use the web in real life. 4:12:48 PM

Where do my visitors go? 4:10:17 PM

Column | Digital IDs, Privacy, and Freedom. The rules for a “certificate-rich” world aren’t yet written. As new identification regimes emerge, let’s build a general-purpose platform that supports many options. 2:51:34 PM

Cooper Interaction Design: Whole lotta thwarting going on. In essence, nobody wants to automate the misery. But they can’t help themselves. In fact, they pile it on. That is why it is particularly important for new content-management systems to understand and appreciate the often bewilderingly heterogeneous practices people use to manage content. 2:49:12 PM

Salon: Detailed prediction that Microsoft’s mediocrity will doom Xbox. 2:35:29 PM

Semantic Studios: The Speed of Information Architecture. Whatever the justification, someone commits to a take-no-prisoners redesign that obliterates all elements of the prior site. In the worst cases, an entirely new team is assigned to “do the job right this time,” assuring no organizational learning whatsoever. Good discussion of facets and the speed of change of various technological items. 1:58:16 PM