Interesting proposal from jrobb on getting consultants to blog their activities in real time. Would it work? So long as it didn’t take more time than the work itself… 4:21:35 PM

Startup applications and where to find them. 3:02:49 PM

How to speed up Windows XP booting. 3:02:06 PM

Andre Durand: “Any identity management system or protocol should first allow me to create and host my own identity. Other peers or web services would then have an ability to discover my identity by first querying my node, and secondarily querying my trusted identity host.” Right in some respects, but how do you distinguish between two nodes that say they’re the same person? 1:52:08 PM

Patrick Berry: “Larry, you just don’t get it, do you?” Spot on. 1:51:20 PM

Do-it-yourself Internet anonymity. A step-by-step tutorial. Not bad, but not the whole story. What if you leave the metadata in the Word file? 1:47:31 PM

Schneier On Full Disclosure. Useful summary of why full disclosure is the only right thing to do. 1:40:26 PM

Using an inkjet printer to produce glow in the dark printouts. 1:35:59 PM

Fast Company: Disrupter – Akira Ishikawa. So here is Ishikawa’s barrier: Nearly everything we know about the delicate, exacting process of building microscopic transistors on silicon is geared to making flat computer chips. Until Ishikawa, no one had tried to etch a semiconductor’s tiny circuitry onto a curved surface, much less onto a sphere. Extraordinary idea, and the manufacturing process is madness. It might just work. 12:35:10 PM

“We need to get lucky”. Michael Ignatieff, author of “Virtual War,” talks about the politics of bombing Afghanistan, the viability of U.S. military strategy and why morality has nothing to do with either. He also sounds undecided as to the course the US is taking, until the last sentence. 12:33:59 PM