Gretchen Morgenson: “The last of the Internet imposters ? overheated stocks posing as growth companies ? has at last been unmasked.” 2:10:01 PM
It’s All Arabic-English to Him. A Wired News Q & A with Fahad Al Sharekh, whose company,, just rolled out what he claims is the Internet’s first free Arabic-to-English translation service. All we need is a Chinese to English and Japanese to English version and we’re away. 2:09:32 PM
new NYer: Long lucid analysis of collapse-related WTC design-choices. 2:03:44 PM
Potentially interesting site looking at Visual journalism, e.g. infographics. 11:49:26 AM
An attempt to define IA deliverables. 11:45:59 AM
Why PayPal is working. 11:39:46 AM
Economists: learn some auction theory. 11:34:30 AM
The internet will become another utility. 11:21:53 AM
WebWord’s Requirements Engineering Portal. 11:19:22 AM