via netnews: Exploring the Pakistan-ISI-ObL connection. 5:58:17 PM

John Robb: K-Logs and Continuous Education. . Interesting article. Nasty quote from Forrester’s CEO – I want to sell everything you think. 5:56:54 PM

Irish Know Where You’ve Been. The leading Irish mobile phone companies, thinking they were adhering to the law, admit they’ve been keeping records of where their customers have been for years. Karlin Lillington reports from Dublin. Interesting to see what the patterns look like. This could be fascinating urban planning information, but probably impossible to use given privacy concerns. 3:52:14 PM

Salon: Complex backgrounder on Enron’s fall. Something you can only do in a bubble: take entire profits from 5-year plus contracts at the sign date. Sheesh. 3:51:28 PM

JaredIsrael: Many inconsistencies hint that ObL is still CIA. Conspiracies – dontcha luv ‘em! 3:50:46 PM

Hack your bank for $995. Cambridge boffins post gory details on Web. This should say hack your ATM, I think, but even so. 3:50:10 PM