Jobs Likes Gates’ New Office. Apple CEO Steve Jobs calls Microsoft’s Office X ‘possibly the most important application for Mac OS X.’ So now Macs are a) the prettiest computers (Titanium), b) have compatibility with Office / Exchange and c) have a gazillion programs available for them OS X, will it be a true option for all of us? 12:23:54 PM

Google Alchemy: Word into HTML. Google quietly updated all of its distributed indexes this weekend with a major change: the company now extracts and indexes the text from many file formats, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PostScript, RTF, Lotus files, WordStar 2000, RFT, MacWrite, and on and on. Very smart indeed. 11:43:18 AM

Salon: Internet liberation theology. In “The Future of Ideas,” Lessig, who is perhaps most famous for his brief tenure as a court-appointed “special master” in the Microsoft antitrust trial, also sees dominant players exercising control through the law, technical standards and political might to resist the change that might otherwise take place. 11:42:43 AM

Darwin Magazine: Why do Intranets Fail? The fact that many internal corporate websites go unused–or worse, waste employees’ time–is vexing, given the alluring promise of intranets. The same technology that made the Internet a revolutionary communications tool was supposed to revolutionize the corporation as well. 11:39:25 AM

The notion of enforced bundling takes another hit with the reappearance of MathWorld. However, the extensive and ridiculous future rights negotiated as part of the settlement make this something of a pyrrhic victory. 11:35:59 AM

Extraordinary piece from Cryptome. “Al-Qaida has successfully laid a trap for the United States, retains the initiative, and the U.S. is operating