UkObsrvr-don’t-miss: Difficult but very meaty account of the ’secret’ war. 5:14:37 PM

The new “superstitial” ads are bugging me. Even the Onion has them: little boxes that randomly pop up with messages. This doesn’t mean I won’t have ads on the net: I’m just about OK with interstitials or background pop-ups. The problem is that the superstitials interrupt my browsing / buying / reading process enough to cause me to go away. 10:43:23 AM

Jrobb’s theory. “Microsoft was just signalling to the government that if it wanted this deal, it would have to put pressure on the states in a ’special’ closed door briefing where the anti-terrorist details of the deal were discussed. Everyone will have to sign NDAs out the wazoo on pain of death. They went after the fence sitters first. The rest will cave soon.” It’s a little bit conspiracy, but that don’t mean it’s wrong… 10:41:27 AM