Secondhand WinXP for sale. Can you sell a pre-owned version? Not yet cheaper than the cashback offer… 6:38:42 PM

uiweb: Strategies of Influence for interaction designers. Step back and examine the dynamics of how decisions are made on your team. Who are the leaders, and whose opinions are respected? Before you present or ask questions at group meetings look at the big picture. Who has influence and how do they exercise it. 6:38:08 PM

Internet World: Deconstructing Louis Rosenfeld. There really is no way for someone like me to complete a purchase using the Web site and no explanation as to why this was the case. But there were lots of special cases and distinctions to confuse me. I’ve seen this on a number of sites where resellers are the norm. Pointless. 6:37:54 PM

ArabNews: ObL’s cave located by pure deduction? 6:37:23 PM

Professional XML Schemas: Example and Summary. Shame that XMLSchema is just a little too complex… 6:37:09 PM

Terrifying. Must be where Caroline got it from. 2:16:54 PM

Glenn tells us why Apple went with Firewire instead of 802.11b. It also explains what i.Link, etc are. I see the light. 1:22:56 PM

Working on CityDesk, Part Four. For the umpteenth time, I found myself dependent on a code library which had a crashing bug that was unacceptable in code I shipped. Been in this situation before, only higher level code… 1:22:17 PM

Dan Bricklin: Web Services, Business Models, and Storage. “To me, the implications are that services must be structured so that people feel they have independent full access and control of their data. One way to do this is to make sure they can easily export it in a form they are comfortable with to keep themselves, or even make that transfer part of the service.” He also discusses the difference between paying for a good and paying for a service: Napster worked because you owned the good after using the service. Streaming music does not work because you don’t own the music once you’re done. 1:12:00 PM

As we expected, Windows XP performs far worse than Windows 2000. 12:26:01 PM