Good analysis of why the American Airlines make-over sucks. 2:48:11 PM

Good article on why dropdowns and pop-ups/pop-outs don’t work. KEy theme: users decide where to click before moving the mouse, so giving new options as you hover forces a re-evaluation of the choice that has been made. 2:44:57 PM

How long should a link be? 2:38:52 PM

Some empirical measures of web page quality compared to the judges decisions in the webby awards. 2:35:29 PM

More meta-meta, but an interesting approach to designing (declaring?) a usability architecture. 2:31:32 PM

via ark: Clever contestant won $110k on 1984 gameshow Beats coughing the answers, I think. 1:50:33 PM

Yahoo pic: Human reaches 11000 ft using 600 toy balloons So the Darwin awards story is probably true… 1:50:09 PM

Old Lessons Relearned. Sometimes even the master forgets his lessons and has to be re-taught them by the school of hard knocks. The lesson in this case isto always benchmark before trying to optimize – don’t assume you knowwhere the bottleneck is. And don’t forget that the algorithm is oftenthe most important speed factor. 1:49:40 PM

28-Oct-2001 — Welcome to Zork. Welcome to Zork — “You are in an open field west of a big white house with a boarded front … 1:49:20 PM

Lance Knobel: “It’s extraordinary that in the 21st century, a major economy, Italy, can be largely cut off from commerce because of its reliance on a handful of tunnels through the mountains.” How else would you sort it out though? Surely the issue is having one tunnel with both directions at once. Not ideal. 1:49:04 PM

John Robb: “I am fairly certain that nobody at Forrester has ever built a major Website.” Amen. 1:48:00 PM