Puff, the Magic Genome. They’re close to figuring out the genetic sequencing of the Japanese pufferfish. Researchers are getting excited, and here’s why. Essentially the Puffer Fish has far less junk DNA than we do, so can be used to work out which bits of the Humane Genome Project sequences are actually genes. 1:32:34 PM

Interactive Week: Net Worth. Prudential financial spent nearly $10 million redesigning its web site, but the company isn’t expecting a hard-dollar return on the investment. That might seem strange in these troubled times, but it’s an indication of just how integrated Web assets have become in Prudential’s overall corporate strategy. That’s a lot of spend. Intersting that they don’t care about ROI. 1:31:20 PM

The Wayback Machine. Massive archive of the historical web. Would be brilliant if you could see anything, but obviously the /. effect has hit them. 1:30:37 PM

NetRatings grabs Jupiter for $71.2 million. Interesting move. I’m surprised Nielsen let this one go, given their stranglehold over retail measurement. I guess the net market isn’t worth anything right now, so better left alone. 1:29:48 PM

Flangy: “VBScript is, to put it mildy, not my favorite language.” Makes sense when you look at it this way… 1:25:56 PM