Reasonably good Zeldman article on what not to do in the downturn. 2:45:15 PM

What is News Industry Text Format? 2:44:02 PM

Talk | Dozens of reasons why CVS is better Visual SourceSafe. I’m happy to try some Windows-based CVS solutions. 2:42:02 PM

A Linux OS to Challenge MS?. Lindows offers dual binary compatibility for Windows and Linux. I’d use it if it works. That’s the big if. 1:41:03 PM

Very useful summary of why usability should be part of everyone’s arsenal. 12:38:13 PM

Frustrating article about micropayments. No-one mentions DoCoMo in the micropayment debate. They’ve been charging vanishingly small amounts of money (to the individual) for various services from the start, and people are happy to pay. Why couldn’t this work on the net, if the content providers and the ISPs got together? Much along the lines of the agreements that allowed so many UK companies to become virtual ISPs – cost sharing of per-minute telephone calls. I guess this is less possible in the US, given the free local call idea. 11:04:13 AM