Excellent readings around PopTech. 3:19:16 PM

MIT Technology Review: A Smarter Web. Many feel it can’t be done. Even though things are heating up in research labs, the Semantic Web as envisioned by Berners-Lee is hampered by social and technical challenges that some critics say may never be solved. But that’s not stopping the W3C and other organizations from trying. 3:15:28 PM

Economist: “Windows XP is the first consumer version of the 15-year-old program in which crashing does not seem to come as a standard feature.” 3:13:17 PM

Great, great Flash games. 3:10:11 PM

Chomsky on “The New War Against Terror”. Last night, I attended a talk by Noam Chomsky titled “The New War Against Terror” (the “old” war, Chomsky reminds us, began 20 years ago when the incoming Reagan administration stated that the fight against international terrorism would form the core of its foreign policy). The lecture was educational, expectedly incendiary, and thought provoking, and is something that everyone–Chomsky haters and admirers alike–should hear. Long. 2:25:09 PM

Mole Day, in honor of Avogadro’s Number, celebrates the numberand Amedeo Avogadro, the man behind the legend. It’s celebratedannually by chemists world-wide, and is coming up on Tuesday,October 23. Class. 2:17:02 PM

Representations and Perceived Information Architecture (PIA). Useful approach for getting implicit information out of end users: let them sketch how they think a site / application fits together. 2:08:45 PM

Is Wednesday the end for Web bugs and dodgy cookies?. Quite possibly, yes. No wonder BP’s site went the way that it did… 2:06:46 PM

UK Guardian: Interesting transcript of dissident MP being ‘whipped’ back into line. 1:51:32 PM

abunimah multipage: A simple phonecall verifies helicopter parts as Chinook. I understand why the US would simply deny that anything bad has happened, but this does look somewhat odd. Leftovers from the 80s? 1:49:29 PM