NIST usability reporting standards. 5:33:28 PM

Insight via Sam: New Chinese textbook on asymmetrical warfare contemplates killing Soros (etc) Spooky 4:38:55 PM

Scientific American: The Electronic Paper Chase. There have been intermittent efforts to produce such electronic paper over the past three decades, but only recently has research gone into full swing. The day when Scientific American and other periodicals are routinely published in this medium may come before 2010, thanks to competition between two start-up firms. I want this now. 4:16:09 PM

MS DRM Version 2 – Cracked There is a very good philosophy paper in the zip (mirror in the /. comments). 2:35:32 PM

Control your computer by grunting. Dr Takeo Igarashi believes that grunts and sighs could be an efficient way to control your computer and appliances. For instance when, you say “move down, ahhhh”, a document would scroll while the sound continues, the scroll speed determined by the pitch of the “ahhhh”. Can you imagine in a call center: it would sound like a farm or a gang bang flick. 1:49:02 PM