Nokia targets youth with new gadget. The Finnish phone maker unveils new cell phone-music player combo targeted at the youth market and a deal with China Mobile Communication. Cooking on gas is the term. What a great idea. I imagine it won’t be cheap, but for kids it’ll be perfect, as they don’t care about the size issue. 2:42:10 PM

Useful little article about how to think about becoming a customer-focused company. Typically bad URL – what if he writes another article? 11:57:37 AM

Almost all of MIT’s course materials will be made …. Almost all of MIT’s course materials will be made available for free, online. I think this has been announced before. Nevertheless, it is still of great value. When it’s actually done. 11:44:44 AM

London Times: “The FBI now says that 13 of the 19 hijackers probably did not know they were on a suicide mission.” Compare with ObL’s claim that thousands are ready to die. It’s all propaganda, no? 11:34:57 AM