Cracking emergent properties demonstrator. 2:11:22 PM

Copyright Claimed on Telephone Tones. Interesting question for the copyright / DMCA lawyers. I imagine it can’t go anywhere… 12:13:18 PM

Measuring Information Architecture. Sep 1. From CHI 2001 panel. Epicurious again? 12:01:55 PM

Practicing Information Architecture. Sep 1. SIG meeting notes from CHI 2001. A little bit of a shame that no-one ever says anything really interesting in the PPT versions of these sessions. 11:59:36 AM

What’s with the attitude?. “for every complaint you actually get, ten thousand people were mad at you but didn’t bother to write”. Unverified and unsourced, but an interesting number. There’s obviously a huge scaling issue between the number of complaints you see and the number there actually are. 11:41:59 AM

Business 2.0 Guide to Web Usability. Useful collection of links. 11:39:35 AM

EE Times: Startup gets funding for ultra-wideband technology. When I first read about this a while ago, I thought it was useless. So how wrong can you be? Actually, they’ve only got funding and haven’t delivered yet. 11:39:07 AM