Forbes ASAP: The Tragedy Of The Commons. The solutions that resolve the problem of the digital commons are likely to be ingenious ways to collect money from consumers with little noticeable pain, and these should facilitate the operation of the Internet as a market for goods and services. Just don’t expect it to be free. We’re going to have to pay for some of the information on the net as we would on AOL or Sky. True, but not earth-shattering. 6:10:05 PM

Joel responds. Joel responds to Gartner’s call for MS to rewrite IIS: “Gartner seems to suffer the common but moronic fallacy that new or ‘completely rewritten’ code is somehow less buggy than old code.” Too right. 12:28:41 PM

Useful free firewall / VPN products: Smoothwall and FreeSWAN. 12:00:08 PM

Useful site to explain how software gets marketed in the US. 11:58:38 AM