uiweb: The myth of optimal web design. Whether you are designing an intranet web site, or a microwave oven, you have at least three sets of overlapping criteria to deal with: Business objectives, user experience objectives, and resource limitations. These aspects create lines of both synergy and tension. 5:38:30 PM

Great article dismantling the Soviet-Afghan war. 2:32:07 PM

Web Review: Lessig Slams Bovine Culture of Complacency. Lessig on form again talking about the SoCal “plantation” ideology of content (e.g. you pay me to use my content) and the NorCal “embrace/transmute/extend” idea of content/culture/technology (e.g. change it as you like). 12:46:09 PM

Religion’s misguided missiles.. Richard Dawkins: Religion’s misguided missiles. 12:22:34 PM

One to read: Bush is walking into a trap Robert Fisk of the Independent has always been an excellent correspondent on the Middle East. He’s now in overdrive. 12:21:49 PM