DaveNet: Google upgrades the Web. I call it a JIT-SE or Just-In-Time-Search-Engine. The JIT-SE feature is particularly suited to weblogs, which are time-oriented websites. The Google crawler notices that I update my site every day, so it knows it should come back and re-index my site every day. 1:27:11 PM

UP Magazine: When Larry met Sergey. The answer is testing, testing and then more testing. Every innovation is checked on the site, on users and on the company to make sure that, as Page says: “we are making things better not worse”. Indeed, they have no qualms about testing a product right down the line and then not releasing it. 1:26:46 PM

Good analysis of why the Tivo UI can work and that the standard WIMP one sucks. 1:21:35 PM