Cringely: MSIE dropping plug-in support to boost .Net? 2:35:20 PM

The Economist survey on drugs. The Economist has published a survey on illegal drugs. Its long, but its packed with facts. I love the Economist’s tone – I don’t know how they manage to get such consistency of voice. 2:34:51 PM

Mappa.Mundi Magazine: Show Me The Money. “It is probably the most useful exemplar of information mapping on the Web today and is well worth trying out if you’ve never used it. On one single map one can quickly gain a sense of the overall market conditions, yet still see many hundreds of individual data elements.” One of my long term favourites. 2:33:35 PM

NYTimes via WSN: Amazing long article about realworld economics in the Congo. More Coltan stuff, but extraordinary to think about as we sit at our desks. 2:32:44 PM

Wednesday: 15-August-2001 — Painless Software Management. Painless Software Management (WebWord) — “Companies add features because some customers want them. Not every customer wants every feature: most … 2:31:31 PM

15-August-2001 — Online Flight Booking – A Comparative Analysis. Online Flight Booking – A Comparative Analysis (Frontend) — “In the broadest sense, an online transaction is any web-based interaction … 2:30:58 PM

Web Techniques: Registration Revamp. This experience taught me that registration systems are big chunks of code. So if you want to redesign one, you either need lots of authority, very persuasive arguments, or design strategies that minimally affect the code and account for business practicalities. 2:30:12 PM

DaveNet: Excerpt from Breaking Windows. In Breaking Windows, however, a different picture emerges. The agony inside and around Microsoft is the theme of Bank’s fantastic book. I believe it’s the most illuminating and important book you can read in 2001 if you’re part of the computer, software or Internet industry. 2:29:35 PM

Industry Standard: From November 14, 1999; Architecting Innovation. Lawrence Lessig is talking sense, as usual. 2:29:05 PM

MS patch-scanner for Win-NT, 2K, IIS, SQL. Use it. 2:28:21 PM

Transcript of a discussion at the O’Reilly Open Source conference. The part about patents starts on page 3. The question from the audience about patents is on page 5. Microsoft’s rep said “Well, at the end of the day, if you have a patent, you enforce the patent if it’s valuable to you. And so I think that Microsoft and other people who have patents will ultimately decide to enforce those patents.” [Scripting News] 1:49:56 PM

How Big Blue Plays D.. As in R&D. Lots of interesting insight into how to run a commercial development department. 1:48:21 PM

14-August-2001 — Password Usability. Very simple article, but it is one of the things that Amazon has got very right. 1:47:33 PM