The fattest ever fat cats?. This has to be illegal or something like that? 5:00:36 PM

Context Magazine: Bluetoothless. I have to run my WAP 1.x argument here as well. Bluetooth isn’t the net, or compatible with it. Therefore it won’t spread as far. That’s the point of the article. 12:56:07 PM

The End of Innovation?. Lessig on fire again. 12:51:38 PM

Technology Matrix Appliedtechmatrixapp: 12:49:56 PM

Holding up the rear. “Where did all that start-up money go? Clue No. 1: Today’s dot-com auctions are flooded with opulent Aeron chairs.” They are nice, though. 12:48:16 PM

Poetic license. When a writing student accused England’s poet laureate of sexual harassment, the tepid peccadilloes of a nation’s literati were laid bare. I wonder if Clare knows her? 12:45:06 PM