Context Magazine: Churning Out Ideas. A large proportion of Cincinnati has access to broadband, and people are using it as a test bed for new services. I don’t think this is unusual, but the results are interesting. 6:37:25 PM

Slashdot thread on Breaking Windows. Worth a read, I think. 1:53:29 PM

Risks of the Passport Single Signon Protocol.. Great article. 1:52:58 PM

EE Times: Updated WAP standard speaks wired Web’s language. The WAP Forum has released version 2.0 of the Wireless Application Protocol standard, significantly reworking the specification to bring it more in line with core Internet technologies. Good news – using XHTML Basic and IP, etc. 1:52:34 PM

Useit.Com: First Rule of Usability? Don’t Listen to Users. M&AP as always, but very, very true. 1:52:03 PM

The crypto used in 802.11 wireless networking has been cracked.. “The crack is devastating; it’s fast and passive. Simply by listening, the 40-bit key can be cracked in 15 minutes. Worse, the crack scales linearly with the number of bits in the key, so raising the key length to 128 bits would raise the crack time to about an hour.” 1:51:35 PM

Describing The Web With Physics. More like maths, I think. I mean, physicists trying to claim that graph theory is theirs? 1:51:07 PM

Multitasking Harmful To Productivity. No surprises there, then. 1:50:35 PM