Graphical User Interface Timeline. Interesting. I suppose so. It’s graphical, at least. 6:14:37 PM

No way! Couch potatoes no longer. 1:43:36 PM

A reasonably user-friendly legal page. 11:20:57 AM

Darwin Magazine: Imagining Faster. Rapid prototyping may not mean faster product development, but could mean more design cycles and hence better products. Unless the management by committee group get in… 11:16:19 AM

White light, 3D display. I want one now! 11:14:26 AM

The Sigmund Typeface Utility. allows you to generate dynamic images of text via a query string. Nice little utility. This is probably the future for graphical navigation where there are significant numbers of variants. Add a serve from cache option and we’re away! 11:01:19 AM

Good summary of how to sort out Flash in web pages. 10:56:33 AM