Good paper on improving usability of route maps. I really like the simplify it all approach. Caveat: I like to have some context around the road I’m turning onto, so that you don’t do the whoops just missed it thing. 11:52:58 AM

Paul Boutin: search engine optimization. “When it comes to search engine optimization, it’s easy to become obsessed with doing every little thing, but the rewards for that kind of attention to detail are far too small. You need to stick to chasing the big game.” Great article for this point in time. 11:49:47 AM

Salon: The rigged missile defense test. “There was only one thing that all the happy salesmen forgot to mention about their latest test drive. The rocket fired from Vandenberg was carrying a global positioning satellite beacon that guided the kill vehicle toward it. In other words, it would be fair to say that the $100 million test was rigged.” This is terrifying. 11:37:44 AM

You’ve got to love Americanisms. “Talk, then Toss” 9:46:38 AM