Interview: Fredrick Marckini on Search Engine Positioning, Pt. II. 3:23:13 PM

Interactive Week: Report: ‘Pop-Under’ Ads Mostly Ignored. Good news: they may get loadsahits, but don’t sell anything. 3:21:47 PM

The Webification of TV is happening. Interesting to see that the new “digital” TV is learning from the web. Maybe that’s all it was: a big product prototype for the telly. 3:21:10 PM

30-July-2001 — Mapping a Conceptual Interface to a Physical Interface. There’s some good stuff in there somewhere, but it does come over awfully German… 3:20:18 PM

Yahoo! Explorer ads the wave of the future? (via RRE) Taking over your browsing in the name of advertising. Dull. More televisual, I suppose. 3:19:41 PM

Welcome to the “public draft of a new book by David Weinberger.” [Scripting News] 3:19:08 PM

John Robb: “The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a Website is more than the purchase price of a content management system.” Response to feedback: “TCO is not a game most of these big players like to play. Cost is not a factor they want to address right now.” 3:18:42 PM

Stewart Alsop: “Real entrepreneurs never let money out the door for any reason that doesn’t strictly advance the business of the company.” Tatoo that on your forehead. 3:17:07 PM

ZDnet: Intel’s monopolistic 90-day-update-cycle scam. More of the MS kind of stuff. 3:16:41 PM

AOL memo describing responses to XP. Just what you’d think, but interesting to see it written down. 3:16:04 PM

FBI case highlights high-tech spying. There’s a lot going on here – you wonder how much of a general hold the government has on e-communication. 3:12:17 PM

Curl. will deliver everything Java and HTML offer and more. Hmmm. They want to charge on a volume-based model. This makes absolutely no sense. Give the plugin away and charge for the dev kit, fine. A toll on all your web use. No. 3:11:23 PM

NY Times: Jail Time in the Digital Age. Another good Lessig article showing that the US’s DMCA blows apart traditional copyright legislation. 3:02:11 PM

Portugal Decriminalises Drug Use. The Guardian last week reported that Portugal recently decriminalized all drug use (not just cannabis). The Portugese have decided to treat drug use “as a social problem rather than a criminal one”. Quite amazing. Interesting to see how it pans out. 2:59:30 PM

New Laws: Thou Shalt Patch. Interesting thought: force companies by law to spend money based on unworkable software…maybe this will force MS, etc to release working software. 2:58:56 PM

Web Music Fight Plays Out in D.C.. “The final arguments over payments for streaming music are occurring in the U.S. Copyright Office, which will decide how much webcasters should pay the recording industry. Andrew Osterman reports from Washington.” I liked the potential acronyms in the article. 4c per listner sounds like quite a lot for net radio stations. As does 15% of revenue. Both of them will kill streaming media stone dead. 2:48:51 PM

Face Scanners Turn Lens on Selves. “Are random facial scans in public places a violation of your privacy?” 2:47:25 PM

Icons Cluttering up Windows Space. So MS’s backdown wasn’t that at all. If AOL there, MSN sure as hell ought to be. These are astonishingly large issues that everyone should be aware of – it’s pure inter-monopolistic power plays. 2:46:53 PM