More stick fighter action!. Cracking fun, and with a great story (2Mb download!) 1:06:58 PM

An interesting twist: AOL can (potentially) buy out Amazon.. That would be a major player… 1:06:32 PM

Forbes: Isn’t It Cheaper To Give It Away? And while it has posted a per-article charge, is doubtless hoping that users will opt for its $3.95 monthly subscription fee, or $39 annual fee instead. That’s because the cost of processing the single-article tab will eat up most, if not all, of the revenue. 12:53:42 PM

The End of the End-to-End Argument. Agreed: smart networks = greater usage tolls. 12:53:21 PM

The Usability of Usability. Good interview with Jared Spool. Especially interesting (if not entirely believable) is the stuff on the link between valid categories and purchase. 12:21:14 PM

Sick of ringing cell phones?. “Then cheaply and effectively jam the signals with a device like the Wave-Shield pocket jammer. They’re illegal in the U.S., but that’s not stopping some people.” 12:15:42 PM

Dot-Biz: An Illegal Lottery?. It’s pretty important that we sort out the DNS system and soon. Silly amounts of money going to no-gooders. 12:06:57 PM