“America Online is quietly rolling out a new unified sign-in service, similar to Microsoft’s Passport, across its properties and partner sites. Codenamed “Magic Carpet” and currently promoted as the “Screen Name Service,” visitors will be able to sign in with a single click and seamlessly browse sites supporting the new technology.” Interesting. A true competitor to MS. 4:51:13 PM

Great series of trials on how to avoid telemarketing. 3:33:44 PM

Scott Handy Tells What’s Up With IBM and Linux. Who he, Who that, What that? 1:48:44 PM

Companies Encouraged to Mine Your Email Messages for Marketing Information.. “Companies should be adding code” to your HTML-based e-mail messages, recommends an analyst from Jupiter. That’s why I use Chilton Preview. 1:48:10 PM

Adam Engst: Where Webvan (the e-grocer) Went Wrong. Good analysis. 1:46:59 PM

Good Software Takes Ten Years. Get Used To It. Right. 1:46:25 PM

Dan Gillmor: “One of these days, it may be a crime to talk about anything that displeases the control freaks who run the entertainment and software industries.” ! 1:45:55 PM

Nando Times: In bow to the computer age, CNN Headline News, ESPNEWS revamping. It’s interesting that the TV is learning from the net. TV, where US viewers spend a lot of time surfing is very similar to the net. In UK/Europe this may not go down so well. 1:45:18 PM

SJ Mercury: Case highlights law’s threat to fair-use rights. Frightening stuff – even though it may not be so in the UK. 1:44:08 PM

Distributed Authentication Schemes. Interesting stuff in there, but difficult to read. Summary of comments: why not use Kerberos – it’s tested and it works… 1:43:19 PM

Windows XP ‘Denial Of Operating System’ attack. So if a virus could remove the WPA files from your drive, you couldn’t do anything. Alternatively (as per the article) someone might hack your number and spread it over the net. One day your PC locks up saying: you’re a pirate! 1:38:23 PM

Bill Seitz: “Sometimes recent Microsoft behavior seems like a conspiracy to totally discredit the Dept of Justice by engaging in unbelievably outrageous behavior, daring them to take action. It’s like somebody actually raping Kitty Dukakis on camera, watching Mike to see what he would do.” Old but interesting. 1:36:55 PM

IBM: Metering and accounting for Web services. I think I may have posted this already. Anyhow, it is interesting. 1:36:17 PM

They rule.. Really fascinating look at the human links between corporations at the top level. 1:29:59 PM

The Fulifier turns any site “Ful” which means bloody awful in Swedish. I think. 1:29:09 PM

Run away! Run away!. The trebuchet is back in business, only this time with cows. To be honest, maybe they used to chuck rotting / dead meat into the siegees to spread disease? 1:28:14 PM

Low Brow. Cracking stuff. “My brother came back into an interview after visiting the toilet and he had toilet paper hanging out of his trousers.” Keep reloading. 1:27:03 PM

OpenFlow. “is a workflow engine created with python and Zope. With OpenFlow, you can define a map of the activities to be performed, conditional paths and parallel activities.” Interesting? I quite like Zope and this could help with online project planning. 1:26:03 PM

Argus ACIA: Q&A with Seth Gordon. How we’re now becoming stable revenue streams for some site, and a nice two-way usability test: frustration vs false completion. 1:25:10 PM

Avi Ben-Abraham, man of a thousand and one faces:. So this guy basically reinvents himself every couple of years, and no-one has a chance to check up. Great life, no? 1:24:08 PM