Great article from Amartya Sen re: globalisation / Genoa, etc. Inequality is the issue, not globalisation. Fix the inequality and you may or may not have globalisation – that depends on the solution. 5:55:52 PM

Wired: What if Napster was the answer? “Doubts are so strong about the future that some record industry bigwigs are wistfully longing for the good old days of Napster.” Damn right. Markets are conversations and all that – why didn’t the labels talk to users? Because the users know they’re being ripped off by the labels – they’d rather give their money straight to the artist. 5:46:44 PM

Interactive Week: Copyright Tug O’ War. Levies on recordable media to recover revenue for IP owners seem to legitimise the whole practice of copying. That can’t be right. 12:33:03 PM

Subscribing to a New Music Theory. Find a nice piece of hardware, load it with music, then sell it to the consumer. The new mantra of music companies is to sell subscriptions as part of a pre-packaged deal to consumers looking for a device on which to play their music. Quite neat to hook up online sites with hardware vendors. I’d probably use something like this. 12:29:41 PM

Fast Company: Don’t Shout, Listen. “A year ago, it was a stodgy, nondescript site where no one other than investors and job seekers had any reason to go. Today, when you log on to it, you see a consumer-friendly portal that proudly announces P&G’s responsibility for “more than 300 brands you know and trust.” Interesting article about using customers to self-create products. 12:28:43 PM

All class – the bad writing winners are in. As good as the Darwin awards. 11:47:35 AM

Great series on gambling (this is the last with links to the previous ones). 11:21:25 AM

Surely creative accounting like this should be made illegal. Big Blue has made pretty well no extra cash recently and is estimating a 10.5% return from its defined benefit pension scheme. It’s just rubbish, no? 10:12:12 AM