Microsoft is now inventing business terms. Nothing huge in this method of defining business value from IT investments. Too many MBA’s, lightbulbs, etc. 5:57:02 PM

Diary of a dotcom demise. Brighthand founder documents his own boom to bust. Ouch. 12:32:34 PM

Don’t suck!. “Statistical analysis for this heretical popular music marketing idea.” Interesting look at who the real stayers are in the music biz, and why the current record industry structure may really mess them up. 12:32:16 PM

Peer-to-Peer Taxation.. I didn’t get to the end of this, but it seemed interesting enough. 12:31:19 PM

Great article summarising the recent Microsoft ruling. Essentially the company is pretty well guilty or not proven on all of the charges. Nothing was really removed from the ruling, just some legal niceties. 9:20:32 AM