Adobe: Q&A with Jeffrey Zeldman. There is a tremendous amount of talent in the community. Particularly over the past two years, it seems to have grown exponentially. But what I see lacking in every aspect of Web development (not just design) is an ability to see the big picture… 1:57:39 PM

The Economist: Patently absurd? Some believe that, in certain industries, strengthening intellectual-property protection accomplishes nothing positive. Others think that it may actually do some harm. If these economists are correct, patent-holders themselves may soon start clamouring for weaker, and not stronger, protection. [Tomalak’s Realm] 1:55:52 PM

My Cat Hates You Dot Com. Class. 1:45:56 PM

Industry Standard: Startup Thinks It Can Lick the Last-Mile Problem. “Actelis may have come up with a solution to the last-mile problem: Its technology enables data to travel over copper lines at speeds as high as 155Mbps, comparable to fiber-optic networks.” If this works, then we’d be pretty happy, I think. 1:39:29 PM

Ouch. “It’s difficult to tell how good they are. If they played a wrong note or lost the rhythm, no one but the composer would notice. Music is dead, and here is the corpse, embalmed on two slices of plastic hell. ” 1:34:22 PM

Describing a New Entropy. A reformulation of Boltzmann-Gibbs entropy by one Constantino Tsallis is causing quite a buzz/stir in the theoretical physics community. Basically upgrading the existing concept to allow for situations where the total entropy of two systems is not simply the sum of their individual amounts. 1:27:23 PM

ASFRecorder. Pull those streams right off of the Internet in Windows Media Format. I imagine we’ll be seeing quite a few more tools like this as content providers try to move us over to a “lease not own” model of song, etc ownership. 12:47:36 PM

CIO WebBusiness: From April 1, 1999; Mazed and Confused. Useful discussion of usability testing with Schwab, etc. Middle of the boom, so should be taken with a pinch’o’salt. 12:09:19 PM