DaveNet: The Micro Channel Architecture. Interesting, although his historical facts are wrong. The general trend seems right though: quite often, people have tried to kill something that users like. The users tend to route around this. 4:53:57 PM

iomart mops up OnCue’s punters. Failed broadband provider sells off customers cheap. Hmmm. One of my mates worked there. 3:23:06 PM

Wired via ark: The original ‘AI’ story by Brian Aldiss. 3:21:15 PM

Google Reveals Popular Search Patterns. Interesting but not groundbreaking. 3:02:31 PM

Some great feedback on the Memento story a while ago. Additionally, a reprint of the story that inspired it. 12:48:34 PM

A good reason not to upgrade Walt Mossberg: “If you’re one of the millions of consumers with multiple PCs in your household, and you plan on upgrading them to Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows XP operating system, you’re in for a rude surprise.” 12:35:11 PM