Good article on multilingual websites. Not too many definite conclusions, but c’est la vie. 2:17:26 PM

Some good ideas on designing mobile applications. “Good application design requires thought about intent, context, and technology. Intent is what the user wants to do with an application; context is the user’s environment and how he or she got there; and technology is how the application is delivered” 1:41:23 PM

Great article summarising the Kaycee case: “It was like a story being reported by locusts,” Mr. Cadenhead said of the diligence of the Scooby Doos. “They swept in and just pulled facts out of the air.” 1:35:50 PM

Everything you wanted to know about DDoS attacks. Steve Gibson of GRC fame takes you through a DDoS attack in remarkable detail. 12:50:19 PM