Interesting link on developing FAQs using binary trees. 1:12:20 PM

Dead right ‘Mouse-trapping’ has to be a bad idea. The browser is bad enough – breaking the back button just can’t be sensible. 11:47:02 AM

Weak but interesting guide to a way of widening the focus of usability studies. I liked the experience engine. 11:44:20 AM

I like the idea of a traffic light changer. Can you imagine how grim life would be if we all had one! Forget collaboration, everyone would defect in a gridlock Prisoners’ Dilemma. 11:39:45 AM

Interesting bet on the future for Microsoft Office and other applications. Essentially, the subscription model will roll in and owning software will roll out. Nuff said. 11:07:03 AM

Good site on IA. 11:02:43 AM