Good sense of humour in this article about how interface design is important [lies, damn lies: Word needs 30% more key presses and 100% more mouse movements than an “optimal” word processor. 6:25:53 PM

I agree – the keyboard isn’t dead yet. 6:21:46 PM

Wireless LAN roaming could be a killer app. It might mess up 3G (again), though. 1:34:32 PM

Apart from the guys’ unfortunate name, this is a fascinating white paper from IBM Research: Fostering the Collaborative Creation of Knowledge. Worth a read in my free time! 1:29:58 PM

Fascinating experiment in online KM: I.B.M. Meets With 52,600, Virtually. A project called WorldJam tried to get some good ideas from 1 in 6 of IBM’s employees. That’s a lot of people. 1:22:16 PM

Super funky new Compaq designs. We’ll prototypes, anyhow. 1:16:52 PM