I hope people sort this out soon! The CDDB was one of the first great ideas of the internet. 5:17:12 PM

I imagine that this will be banned: Duration of Yellow Lights Shortened To Yield More Traffic Ticket Revenue. 5:10:15 PM

While this is an interesting case of faking identity , it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. People have always done this (fake degrees, awards, etc) and some get away with it, some don’t. If anything the story says that the dotcom bubble was so ridiculous, people didn’t even bother checking that someone could do a job before employing them. 5:03:34 PM

Good little piece from Amy Wohl on software pricing. Which made me think: where is the charging component / service in Hailstorm and other related ventures? Without this, the magic “pay 20cents to get a stock quote in your Word doc” can’t work. 2:00:34 PM

It’s a cracker! Emailing banker bonks his Korean chickies. 12:31:52 PM

Purple is the colour to be! Our new brand isn’t so new after all… 11:35:24 AM