Long but worthwhile article from James Gleick, in the NY Times. I particularly liked: “I have joined what the Japanese are calling the oyayubizoku (the thumb tribe)” 12:29:44 PM

Airlines run into the tiering paradox: How do you deal with Gold Card Executive Club members when they’re flying economy? 10:45:49 AM

The return of big consulting. 10:28:55 AM

Valid point. Simple is often better in terms of reading on the web. 10:18:36 AM

Comparison of PHP, Perl (CGI) and Java Servlets. No earth-shattering conclusion, but it’s still pretty good. 10:16:47 AM

Black and White really does live up to the hype. Here’s a glimpse into how the Game AI works. 10:05:06 AM

Whoops. It really is difficult to suppress information these days. “The SDMI invited challenges to its technology to prevent unauthorized copying, but now it says academics who took part could be taken to court if they explain what they did.” 9:39:03 AM