Online style guide for Websites – a good one. Now to find the time to read it… 6:53:07 PM

Frightening times for internet advertising. 2:39:39 PM

Great search on Internetworld on their website reviews. Not keen on the name – deconstructing – but that’s what it is. 2:37:58 PM

So some VCs are smarter than the bigger investment banks. I guess you’d expect the veecees to come out on top here? 2:16:39 PM

What is it like to be a bat listening to Santana? 2:10:10 PM

Useful reviews of a book on problem solving. The summary of the key factors is good. 2:06:30 PM

eTunnels tested response rates of three e-mail formats in March 2001: text messages, standard HTML e-mail and more sophisticated HTML mailings. All three types of messages, sent to eTunnels’s B2B customers, used the same subject line. Text recorded a 0.1% response rate, standard HTML achieved a 1.4% rate and the more lavish HTML scored a 2.1% rate. 2:00:40 PM

This is good stuff on the 3Cs of usability testing: Collect, compare and choose. A strong message for task-driven design of digital services. 1:58:15 PM

These guys look interesting: MarketPerform. I doubt their business model will hold up, but c’est la vie. 1:55:07 PM

Minitel is still doing the business – double the number of web subscribers in France. No wonder the internet flopped there – if people are already paying for something else, who cares about the Net? 1:52:43 PM

Maybe this should concern me? 1:44:12 PM

I’m not convinced by Jakob’s intranet principles. There are some mighty big numbers in there… 1:37:20 PM

It’s not just high heels that cause problems. 1:33:00 PM