Oh, this is a keeper! Matt Haughey sends us to DejaVu, a cool service that emulates old browsers with suprising accuracy. [scobleizer] 4:09:43 PM

Two good color sites: Paletteman and Colors 4 webmasters. 4:00:04 PM

Great review of Black & White: Playing God. 3:56:39 PM

An interesting looking tool – free web stats (obviously you contribute to their pool, but that’s not such a problem). 3:47:40 PM

Interesting article from the MIT Technology Review: Corporation, Know Thyself. I wonder if this “magic” portal development system will work any better than the others I’ve seen. [via Tomalak] 9:46:55 AM

These are great utilities (and free!) for Excel. I recommend. The main problem is that there are so many, I’ll never remember to use the relavant ones… 9:44:39 AM