Long and good article on XML and Databases. Is XML a database?Eric Raymond’s first four chapters of The Art Of Unix Programming. Some good programming guidelines here.Rubberhose is a great idea, with a great name. It’s a cryptographically deniable transparent disk encryption system. Obvious really. What does this mean: you can give out a password for your encrypted information that will allow the user to see a basic level of information on the disk, but will not see a further level of encryption that only you know is there.Vital: Urban Legends Reference PagesSensationalist, of course. But then it is extraordinary. IBM and the holocaust.Long but interesting article about Making a Semantic Web.So now the record companies (or their agents) are watching Napster downloads (using automated tools) and messaging people who look like fans of a particular group or type of music. The Napster parasites. Interesting quote which shows that the industry doesn’t quite get it yet: ‘converting a fringe-level fan to an album-buying fan’.Another good look at why the major cost savings from the internet will come from p2p communication (or b2b in this example). The example here is invoicing.Mini rant about the digital copyright issue (Whigs and Tories on the Internet). “The Lockean idea of natural rights became the idea of maximum monopoly”.