Some interesting stuff on Arnold Kling’s personal web page. I like the bubble calculator – shame there isn’t a historical side to it.Great guide to tweaking your system for better performance, compatibility, etc.Interesting summary of how Ford Direct came World Virus Map. Is it interesting? Don’t really know: it basically says that places with more PCs have more viruses.Good Pfeiffer report on DRM. Key message: think of the customer, not what you might lose through piracy. If using the system is too difficult, the customer won’t buy.Useful hints as to which types of .viral marketing work or don’t.Berkeley study on the quantity of information produced in the world each year. I particularly like their option for level of information overload.Common User Agent Problems. Slightly odd article from W3C with some useful info hidden away.How to make money with an online news web site. Summary: “Keep your site simple; use Open Source software instead of high-maintenance proprietary software packages whenever possible; don’t let your sense of hubris get the better of you and make you believe your site will get more readers than it really deserves; and don’t hire more people than you can afford to feed.”