Useful summary of why screen and paper are different for readers and authors, and also how to train people to write for the screen / screen and paper.

Face-mail could be the next big thing. More wooden than Liz Hurley, and less attractive.

I think the tenor of this article is right: digital wallets only make sense once the average spend value becomes high enough.

Here’s an interesting page on Yahoo, showing the most forwarded e-mail news links. Not quite what you see on the news…

Fascinating article about the cat-and-mouse game that DirecTV plays with card hackers. ECM in real life!

A fascinating, if horrific, question: should virtual underage porn be banned? Related issue: should markters be allowed access to aggregated school access logs?

Really useful network tools.

How Jakob conducts usability studies from the inside. Useful stuff.

Here’s some interesting research from Herman Miller on work spaces.

Why software will usually suck and how to avoid it.

More free Tufte-inspired work.

Charts and the internet.