Here’s an interesting article talking about MojoNation, a fully peer-to-peer distribution system.

The Paris Metro Pricing system. Essentially have a first class that looks like the second class but costs twice as much. Only those people who really cared about it would buy first class tickets, thus ensuring a lack of congestion.

Great Clay Shirky piece on the Parable of Umbrellas and Taxis. One great idea that comes out: why doesn’t a P2P “we use your computer while you don’t” pay for the electricity you consume, or the extra bandwidth you need to run the application, rather than try to post micropayments?

There is some uncomfortable reading here for boutique web integrators, which is apparently what we’re supposed to call the iXLs, Viants and Scients of this world. Maybe “Datamonitor” should have gone for IBM when it had the chance!

Great article about writing for the web. There are a lot of links to other good articles, too.