“Victims of burglary can post details of their stolen goods at TheBurglar.com. Burglars are then invited to anonymously contact their victims by email and negotiate a price for the return of their stolen property.”

Walmart.com is currently unavailable – I think this is the first time that a significant system upgrade (which sounds like what they’re doing) has taken down an important site for so long. Unusual not to have a phased approach, but if you’ve got the offline sales that WM has, I guess you don’t care.

Judge Rosenbaum writes:

“an idle thought jotted onto a calendar; a tasteless joke passed to a once-trusted friend, a suggestive invitation directed at an uninterested recipient, if done electronically, will last forever,” he wrote. “Years later, it can subject its author to liability.”

The suggestion is for a 6-month period during which e-mail can be used against you.

The metered internet just won’t work. Read more.