Lots of nice articles on eCommerce in the McKinsey Quarterly (but you’d expect this, no?).So “Napster” and “Gnutella” are already old hat! The hashing idea is a good one, but I’m keener on the idea of using Infrasearch within an organisation – I think this is where they could massively impact things like “Autonomy”, etc.One of the nastiest problem with Access / VB front ends is trying to update installed users. Finally, there’s a product that appears to fix this for Access. This is why coding for the web is more fun – upgrades are global and instant.Personally, I know more about the Microsoft route, but here’s an interesting article about issues with the Java version of web programming, Java Sever Pages.You should also probably read this; it suggests that Nielsen has it the wrong way round in suggesting that web design is dead. There’s a weblog, too.